Adams kids watching from a window.

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We have been watching for you and hope you can stay awhile. Pull up a chair and we'll each tell you something about ourselves. The Adams have many stories to tell you and are always adding new ones.

I have just moved to a new hosting system. Some of the links may be broken as I update the pages. I am also converting from old HTML standards.

We can tell you about our travels. I am always happy to show you photos I have taken along the way. I like to give opinions on education, history, computers, photography, camping, the environment and the just plan weird. Vicki can talk about your dental health. She loves to talk about John Denver.

I am your host David Adams. The following links introduce you to the various members of the Adams Family. Some members tell you more about the things important to them than others. Take me for instance, I tell you more than you may ever care to know.

Our family has a long rich history. My dad documented this for last few years of his life. My mom and other family members are also collecting information. You can read the bits and pieces that appear in my essays.

After you have read about us please feel free to drop a note in my mailbox:

David J. Adams

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